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DjFlixel Tools, MegaDemo

Current Version : 0.3.0
Requires : HaxeFlixel 4.3.0
License : MIT

djFlixel is a set of tools and helpers for HaxeFlixel. This is NOT a framework, you can easily use the parts you need in your existing projects.

Checkout the project page at Github for more information and sources.



  • Xbox Controller
  • WASD navigate, [K] Select [J] Back
  • ARROWS navigate, [X] Select [Z] Back
  • [ESC] Skip or Go Back
  • Mouse, wheel to scroll in some menus, Click to select
  • [0] to MUTE [-] , [+] to alter Volume


  • Menu System, Create easy paged menus with some basic option elements, like toggles and number selectors.
  • Unified controls for keyboard and gamepads. Poll keyboards and gamepad with one call.
  • Visual Effects, a collection of screen and sprite effects, like textscrollers, starfields, retroloader simulation etc.
  • Easy Tiled Map loading and handling map data of layers and sprites ( docs and examples soon )
  • Handle multiple Web Apis with the same code (Kongregate, Newgrounds, GameJolt)
  • Simple Save system with slots
  • Streamlined TILED maps loading , and easy map entities retrieval
  • Customizable Text AutoType system that supports inline tags
  • Τools like AlignTool (quickly align elements), GfxTool (useful bitmap functions)


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