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DjFlixel Tools, Demo

Current Version : 0.2.x ( in development )
Requires : haxeFlixel (dev branch)

djFlixel is a library containing various helpers and tools library for haxeflixel. I created this during the development of my other game projects. Feel free to use it, study it, fork it, or whatever :-)

Checkout the PROJECT PAGE AT GITHUB for source code and more info.

-- In development -- 
-- More documentation, examples and features on the way --


  • Menu System, easy paged menus with some basic option elements, like toggles
  • Dialog Box, ( in development ) Easy to use and setup streamlined.
  • Unified controls for keyboard and gamepads. Poll keyboards and gamepad with one call
  • Web Apis (Kongregate, Newgrounds, GameJolt)
  • Some Screen FX backgrounds Starfieldm, Rainbow retro loader
  • Simple Save system with slots
  • Streamlined _TILED_maps loading and setup.
  • Streamlined basic topdown sprite movement.
  • Dynamically load parameters from a JSON file, ability to change parameters on the fly, without having to recompile again

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Published Jan 19, 2016
StatusIn development
Tagshaxeflixel, library, tools