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Future Knight Remake

A freestyle remake of Future Knight. A platform game released in 1986 for the 8bit computers like Amstrad, Commodore64 and ZXSpectrum. This remake is based on the Amstrad CPC version.


The map design doesn't follow the original game but rather I designed everything from scratch. Some game mechanics were improved, like the ability to move while jumping, having an inventory, faster gamespeed, etc.

The game features 7 levels. There are enemies to kill, items to find and use, keys to unlock doors, traps to avoid, shortcuts to take, new weapons, and bosses to exterminate.

Keyboard Controls

Wasd or Arrow keys , move
K, Jump / OK
J, Shoot / Cancel
Enter, Open Inventory
Space, Pause
0, Mute
+ - , Adjust volume


  • Xbox360 Controller support
  • Made with HaxeFlixel
  • Savegame support
  • new Secret level skip cheatcode


Version 1.1.0

  • Added original CPC color scheme
  • Level 3 platform tweaks to make a section easier

I'd like to hear from you on twitter: @jondmt

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Published1 year ago
TagsExploration, haxeflixel, Retro
Player countSingleplayer